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Age: 23 years old
From: Bergen, Norway
Interests: Photography, healthy lifestyle, travelling
Work: Photographer

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februar 2016

Angkor Wat with a bicycle

See you later, we said in Sri Lanka. Now we met again in Cambodia. It was so nice to meet Clarisse again! We wanted to see Angkor Wat, and the cheapest way to see Angkor Wat is with a bicycle....

Krabi - beach and caves

It was a bit sad to leave Koh Phangan and the adventures girl that I met there, but good things happend and I met an another sporty traveller in Krabi who I spent the days with. New ...

Adventurous on Koh Phangang

On the taxi from the boat to my hostel I got to know a very nice and adventurous girl from Turkey. I love it when people ask me to join on sporty activities, so when she wanted to do a hiking ...

Diver certification on Koh Tao

I would like to say that I now have the PADI Open Water Diver Certification!  I was taking it on Koh Tao, an island in Thailand, at Ban's Diving Resort. The course was over 4 days. The...

Cows in India

Be aware of the cows, they are everywhere!

Uncover India with G adventures

My first experience with India was visa problems. The second one was a canceled flight. Thanks to my travel agency Kilroy in Norway, I got a new flight to India 2 days later.I was going to travel w...

The essens of India

Try to see this in your mind. You're in the middle of a city. There is trash beside the road and thereis so many sounds that you just get a stoneface and ignore all of the people that are sterring ...

Video from Sri Lanka

Here is my video from what I was doing in Sri Lanka in January 2016 :-)

Effects of charity

Today we went to two schools in Tordi, India. The first school was only with girls. They can't afford to buy so much stuff for school, so to help them we bought schoolbooks, pens, tablets and socks...