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Age: 23 years old
From: Bergen, Norway
Interests: Photography, healthy lifestyle, travelling
Work: Photographer

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E-mail: veas_93@hotmail.com

januar 2016

Sigiriya - Sri Lanka

Think about it. For 1500 years ago, someone builded houses on top of this rock. They even had a pool! How did they climb to the top with all this stuff? Today they have stairs in steel up on the l...

Adam's peak - Sri Lanka

On our way to Dalhoise and Adam's peak, the hole crew was together. Me, the english guys and the german girlaccidently run into the girls from Switzerland that I met on the tea factory in Ella, be...

Hiking in Ella, Sri Lanka

Warming up with Little Adam's peak before the real one with 5500 stairs. On my way down I stepped by a green tea plantation and factory. It was so fun, because I met two girls from Switzerland i...

Surfing and snorkeling in Sri Lanka

Nr de lokale ikke forstr s godt engelsk tar jeg bare fram Google translate og viser dem hva jeg vil si p singalesisk. Funker utrolig bra! Den frste uken i Sri Lanka har jeg tilbragt ved sjen...