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Age: 23 years old
From: Bergen, Norway
Interests: Photography, healthy lifestyle, travelling
Work: Photographer

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E-mail: veas_93@hotmail.com

januar 2016

Sigiriya - Sri Lanka

Think about it. For 1500 years ago, someone builded houses on top of this rock. They even had a pool! How did they climb to the top with all this stuff? Today they have stairs in steel up on the l...

Adam's peak - Sri Lanka

On our way to Dalhoise and Adam's peak, the hole crew was together. Me, the english guys and the german girlaccidently run into the girls from Switzerland that I met on the tea factory in Ella, be...

Hiking in Ella, Sri Lanka

Warming up with Little Adam's peak before the real one with 5500 stairs. On my way down I stepped by a green tea plantation and factory. It was so fun, because I met two girls from Switzerland i...

Surfing and snorkeling in Sri Lanka

Når de lokale ikke forstår så godt engelsk tar jeg bare fram Google translate og viser dem hva jeg vil si på singalesisk. Funker utrolig bra! Den første uken i Sri Lanka har jeg tilbragt ved sjøen...