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Bangkok - My first and last stop in Thailand

When I first came from India to Bangkok in the beginning of February I was thinking; what a nice and calm city! Yeah, I was brainwashed. I was coming from crazy India! Everything is quite chill after that.  

I stayed two days in Bangkok my first time. Bangkok is crowded with temples, so even on my way to the most famous ones, I walked by temples with incredible architecture! 

Here is the Grand Palace

The reclining Buddha in Wat Pho 

On my second day in Bangkok, I and 4 guys from England decided to visit the famous Sky Bar where they filmed parts of Hangover. The Sky Bar had amazing view and expensive drinks. After a while, we went to Khao San Road, the party street. 

On Khao San Road, they were selling scorpions to eat. We was brave enough to try. It was discusting to be honest. But I've tried it! 

My second time in Bangkok 2 months later I had 3 days before I was going home. It was mainly shopping on the agenda. Markets, The Platinum Mall and the floating market. I also had to get a real Thai massage!

The weird thing about the biggest shopping mall in Thailand, The Platinum Mall, is that it's not possible to try on the clothes. Come on, it's the biggest shopping mall, why can't I try on the clothes before buying? Disappointing. 

I went to the floating market my last day. To touristic, and not as on the postcards, but it's still nice to have been there. 

Many places in Asia, they had a weird fruit that I've never seen before. It's called durian. I had to taste.

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03.04.2016 kl.22:17

It's not called jackfruit, even though they're very alike. This one is called "durian".


04.04.2016 kl.17:05

Anonym: Ah, when I google the two names I can see its two different fruits. Thanks! I will write the right name in the blogpost now ;)

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