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Tunnels from the war in Ho Chi Minh

The clever ones wins in the end. 250 km of tunnels under the ground was made by the vietnamese under the Vietnamese war to protect themselves from America. The entry was so small that the Americans couldn't come in, and the smallest tunnels was only 30x40 cm. 

The bigger tunnels for the tourists was made up to 50x80 cm. We was able to try to walk 100 meters with the possibilities to exit if we didn't want to continue. I wanted to walk the hole way. 

The place that we were going to was named Cu Chi tunnels. That place is actually turned into a type of museum were they were showing us the traps they were making for the enemy, a movie about the war, and how everything was and looked like. It was so interesting! 

My family love to travel, and with a little bit luck and a little bit planning, I got to meet my cousin and her boyfriend one day in Ho Chi Minh. They were in the beginning of their journey and I was in the end. Even when we are traveling around the world, we can still meet up! :-D

Here we are at the street food market after visiting the tunnels. 


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