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New clothes by a tailor in Hoi An

Very few people know it before they are talking to other travelers about Vietnam, but in one of the cities in the middle of the country, Hoi An, there is a lot of tailors ready to make you some new clothes for a cheap price. I was going crazy. I wanted to make so many things! After visiting many tailors, looked at fabrics and pictures, I decided to use the kind ladies from Red Apple as my tailor. 

Ended up buying 7 pieces; A grey suit included blazer, pants, skirt and a pair of shorts, a shirt, a black classic dress and a dark blue evening dress with long sleeve. Im really looking forward to use them! 

When I went to the market I also discovered that they were making shoes. I decided to make one pair of shoes in leather for work and one pair of sandals. Of course I got a nice price for that to! Im quite good at getting nice prices. 

To make a short summery of what I did in Hoi An: 
- Cycled  around in the city and to the beach on sightseeing.
- Relaxed and ordered food at the beach a last time before Im going home. 
- Ordered clothing and shoes and tried them on several times. 
- Danced to 3 AM with a guy from Mexico that I met on the dance floor in Hanoi (a city more north). 
- Walked around in this charming city in the evening and looked at all the lanterns over the streets. 
- Been on a cafe where only deaf people were working; called Reaching out. 

The Japanese bridge

3016? What? Lanterns like this is all around the city! Its beautiful!

Some last days at the beach before Im going home


I think Hoi An was my favorite city in Vietnam! Its charming and special with lanterns everywhere and its close to the beach. 

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