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Hiking in Sapa, Laos

"We are going where no one else is going" they said. In two days we would walk almost 30 km trought rice fields, bamboo forest, mountains and smal villages in Sapa, Laos. 

It was quite foggy the day before the hiking trip. The solution to see the sun was coming from one of the guys; "We just need to get high". So we hired some motorbikes and drove up the mountains to find the sun. 

The hiking trip started the day after. We were 24 people in my group, so we did'nt had the feeling of being alone in the nature to say it that way. But it was still nice to see the rice fields and the people who were living there.

A long time the first day some local women were walking with us. They could'nt be more than 145 cm high! Maksimum! They were so smal! And they probably felt like I was a giant with my 177 cm.

It was much fog the first day of hiking, but it was nice weather for hiking. Just a little bit bad for the view. As you can see isn't the rice fields as green or gold as on many advertising pictures. This was'nt the best season, but it was still nice place to see when I was here. The last day with hiking was better, and we finally get to see the sun!

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