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Luang Prabang in Laos

First I was planning to stay around 5 days in Luang Prabang. That turned in to 8 days. The days were just running. I was doing workaway at a guesthouse and worked 2-3 hours daily by giving out flyers and got people to the guesthouse, and got free accomandation and food. It was 4 other workawayers there to, so it was a nice job! 

Except of working 2-3 hours a day I have walked around in the city and relaxed quite much actually. It's a charming town. 

Around 6 AM every morning the monks are collecting food from the locals. I thought I would be the only one that wanted to wake up that early to take a look at this cultural happening, but I was totally wrong. It was like it was a celebrity in town, and people were everywhere with their camera. I can't blame them, cause I was there with my camera to. I tried to be a little discreet and was just walking around. I still felt sorry for the monks that just were doing their daily ritual surrounded by paparazzi's. 

In the mornings they also have this food marked in town. When we are so strict about hygiene home in Norway; they just don't care. Meat, fish and vegetables are laying outside in the road for sale in many hours, frogs are alive together in a bowl to be as fresh as possible and flies are everywhere around the food. And everybody eats it. Me to. And I'm still alive. 

In the day I have done some different things. 

One day I walked up to a mountain with a temple on the top. Unlike Norway, you have to pay to go up to a mountain here; 20 000 Lao Kip (20 NOK). 

One day I also visited a cultural center for young people. Some people was playing on instruments and some people where also doing something that looked like a presentation, but I couldn't understand anything. Other days they said that they had painting classes, was playing music, dancing etc. 

I also went to the beach three times. Me and some of the other workawayers was even swimming in this amazing river called Mekong. 

The most beautiful part of Luang Prabang is definitely Kuang Si Waterfalls! 20 000 Lao Kip (20 NOK) in entrance fee here to of course. But this waterfall and river is one of the nicest I've seen. Our manager at the guesthouse also showed us a secret place where we could swim to a small cave under the waterfall!


An another day me and one of my friends took a scooter to see an another waterfall. We were almost alone and it was such a nice place. The only problem was that it was no water in the waterfall. Dry season. But it was still a nice trip, and I found this amazing tree.

We also went to picnic once. In the river. That was cool.

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