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Vang Vieng in Laos

In Siem Reap, I decided to take the bus up to the capital in Laos, Vientiene. 9 hours they said. 2 days and 2 nights after, I was finaly there! 

I had to spend the first night at Don Det, 4000 Islands, so then I got the time the next morning to see a part of that place to. Of course they charged me 3 extra dollar for the boat to the island. They are always trying to get more money from you.


The next morning I was taking the bus to Pakse where I also had to wait for 4 hours. Got some new sandals so I could trow away my broken ones, got some food and then it was time to take a night bus to Vientiene. This was the last bus, and a sleeping bus. The beds was smal and hard, it was cold and I had to share the bed with a random girl, so I could'nt sleep much that night. But, the next morning I was finaly in Vientiene! Yey! Here I met 3 other travelers that also was going to Vang Vieng the next morning, so we ended up sharing two doublebeds in a guesthouse in Vang Vieng.

The first day, we went hiking up a mountain 3 km away. On the first viewpoint to the top we saw some airbaloons, and when we went forward to the other side to the main viewpoint, it was time to see the sunset.

On our way back, some Laos girls with bicycles was asking if we wanted ride. Of course we wanted ride! It was 3 km back! The girls was so nice, so we ended up eating dinner with them to. 


The blue lagoon was on the plan for what I wanted to do i Vang Vieng. We hired some bicycles and went. We parked right next to the blue lagoon, and jumped in to the water from a rope swing and the tree. Because of the parking place next to, it was'nt that amazing in the nature experience that I thought it would be, but it was still cool. 

It's so many caves in Vang Vieng. I visited to of them; Tham Phu Kam next to the blue lagoon and the Water Cave. I had to use a light in both of the caves, cause it was totally dark. 

Here is the first cave, Tham Phu Kam, with the blue lagoon. 

To get in to the Water Cave, we had to sit in tubes. The guide said that I could'nt take my camera with me, and I listened to him. The moment I came in to the cave, I regret it. This was such a cool place!
It would be so much more of an experience if we were alone in there, but this is the most famous cave, so what can you expect?
The cave was so much bigger than I thought, and we were inside for a long time. It was totally dark, so when everybody was turning off their lights, we could'nt see anything!

Kayaking and tubing down the river and relaxing on the floats is also popular things to do in Vang Vieng. I went kayaking one day and relaxing the other! It was so nice to just chill on the floats and write on an assignment for my web study. Perfect place to be :-)

"It's so hot!" he said. I wonder why! 


Tips if you are going to Vang Vieng: There is 2 bridges. You have to pay to get over the big one that you can drive a car over. But if you are walking or using a bicycle you can get to the other side of the river for free by using the smal bridge to the right not far away from the big one. Look at a map and ask some people there for the direction from where you are. 

One evening I discovered the local night market to. I saw no other tourists there. They speak very bad english, but I got fried rice for under 1 dollar and a wallet for 4 dollar, so that's nice! :-D

I really liked Vang Vieng! Laos is also much more relaxed than the other countries around. People are not asking if you want tuk tuk or want to buy something all the time, so you can walk much more in peace. That's very nice! 

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