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Angkor Wat with a bicycle

See you later, we said in Sri Lanka. Now we met again in Cambodia. It was so nice to meet Clarisse again! We wanted to see Angkor Wat, and the cheapest way to see Angkor Wat is with a bicycle. We decided to try that. We paid 1 USD for renting a bicycle a hole day and 20 USD for 1 day entry to the temples.

The sunrise at the postcards was so beautiful, and of course we wanted to see that! 4:30 AM we began our trip. The sunrise was dissapointing, so I had to use my camera skills to get it a little bit better.

Angkor Wat was really nice! We spent around 2 hours there and got so many cool pictures early in the morning. We took so many pictures that the battery on our camera and phone was getting low.. Ops. 

After that we were cycling towards the other temples and ended up looking at the sunset from one of them. It was very nice to cycle around and on the end of the day, we had cycled 30 km and drinked 3 liters of water. We slept very well that night! 

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