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Krabi - beach and caves

It was a bit sad to leave Koh Phangan and the adventures girl that I met there, but good things happend and I met an another sporty traveller in Krabi who I spent the days with. New place, new people and new adventures! 

We were ready to discover the place, especially the famous Railay beach and the caves. Railay beach was beautiful sorrounded by tropical nature, caves and long-tail boats. 

From one place on Railay to another, we saw a sign with "viewpoint" "dangerous" next to a rope up a steep path. Of course we had to go up there! After that my travelbuddy called me a monkey. 


After the climbing trip, with sweaty bodies, it was time to take a swim on the beach. No long time after, we were swimming to the cave. 

Of course we came back to this beautiful place! To go from Ao Nang where we slept to Railay, we had to take a long-tail boat. 100 thai bath each way. These boats a going all the time, and if you want to see the sunset from the boat, you can take the last boat back 5 pm. Beautiful! 

People were also climbing with ropes all around the place, and I really wanted to do the same! So I think I have to come back an another time to ;-) 

An another day we decided to walk the 1200 steps up to Tiger Cave Temple. We were taking a bus from Ao Nang in the morning, bought water and some snacks at the shop next to the entry, and walked up in 30 minutes. We went down after spending 1 hour on the top enjoying the view and the place. It was also a cave on the buttom where a tiger used to live. 


Had some amazing days in Krabi visiting nice place with a good travelbuddy! 
Next stop - Siem Reap in Cambodia. 

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