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Adventurous on Koh Phangang

On the taxi from the boat to my hostel I got to know a very nice and adventurous girl from Turkey. I love it when people ask me to join on sporty activities, so when she wanted to do a hiking trip the next day, I was totally in! We got a map, a few tips where to go, rented a scooter and drived away with two other guys who wanted to join! 

The funniest part of this hike was when we came to a broken bridge, and she was saying; "we can just walk on the ropes!". Like I was saying it by myself! We walked many times over and back on that bridge, 10 meters over some stones and a smal river.

We was driving around the next day to, but this time we wanted to hike one hour throught the forrest to a beach called Bottle Beach. The hiking trip was beautiful and the beach even better! 

Both of the days ended up with dinner from the night market who had a lot of different types of food. We were eating so much cheap food! Go to that market if your travelling to Koh Phangang.

I liked Koh Phangang so much better than Koh Tao. Nicer nature, beaches and less touristic. Cheaper to ;)

4 kommentarer

Ida Marie

18.02.2016 kl.12:02

S tff du er! Det hres ut som en helt fantastisk reise du er p. Kos deg masse :)


19.02.2016 kl.16:58

Ida Marie: Storkoser meg :-D S mye gy oppleve!

Jostein S

18.02.2016 kl.19:13

Jeg vet ikke om dere fortsatt er der, men Ocean View Resort p Koh Phangan er et lite paradis som er verdt sjekke ut! Spesielt hippie-cafen i enden av stranda!


19.02.2016 kl.03:36

Jostein S: Er reist fra yen n, men skal prve huske det om jeg kommer tilbake en gang ;)

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