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Uncover India with G adventures

My first experience with India was visa problems. The second one was a canceled flight. Thanks to my travel agency Kilroy in Norway, I got a new flight to India 2 days later.

I was going to travel with a group from G adventures named Uncover India, Dehli to Goa in 15 days. Since I was 2 days late, they had already seen the Taj Mahal and I had to meet them in Jaipur. The first day, we went with Tuk Tuk to see the City Palace, Water Palace and Amber Fort. In Amber Fort we had a guide who was telling us about the fort and how they used it. The king had actually 12 wifes with a secret road to every one of them. So they never knew where he was.
Amber fort was beautiful with paintings and beautifications everywhere!

My G adventure group in front of Amber Fort

Amber Fort

Water Palace

Flying kites is very popular in India, and because of that, our CEO Abhi buyd some kites so we could try it. It was very fun, but harder than expected!

From Jaipur we took a jeep to a small village called Tordi. Here we got a traditional lunch from a local family before we took a jeep safari and ended up with drinking tea at the dunes in the sunset.

On our walk around the village our CEO had talked to this guy who was making amazing pots.I was also allowed to try to make my own pot! :-D

Before we was driving with the jeep to Pushkar the next day, we visited some schools in Tordi. You can read more about the visitshere.

Pushkar is a quite special city. I'm saying that because meat, alcohol and drugs are totally prohibited. EVERY restaurant is vegetarian! That's quite cool actually, if your not a meat lover of course. Except of eating good vegetarian good, we also went to the colorful market, camel safari with dinner in the dunes and a morning hike up to a temple where we saw the sunset. Outside the temple on the mountain we where also saying hallo to some monkeys.

And then over to my favorite city in India, Udaipur. I liked this city best because it was less trash everywhere, nice architecture and possible to go out hiking and do bicycling from the city. It was also warmer than the other cities more north.

I love the food in India, and because of that I also attended to a cooking course. Now I have the recipes, the masala spices and are ready to make an Indian dinner for them home! :-)

The last night in Udaipur we went to an Indian dance show. This woman was dancing while balancing all these pots on her head!

We had only one day in Mumbai, and after a orientation walk in the city, me and some of the others took the boat to the Elephanta Caves. Worth seeing if you are going to Mumbai!

The last 3 days in India was spent in Goa. After many cold evenings we could finally relax on the beach. In the nights, we celebrated birthdays! Two days on a road, first a friends birthday and then mine . With flowers, cake, dancing and good food and drinks! Thanks for an amazing birthday and trip!

If you want to read what I think is the essens of India, click here.

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