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The essens of India

Try to see this in your mind. You're in the middle of a city. There is trash beside the road and thereis so many sounds that you just get a stoneface and ignore all of the people that are sterring and says "namaste", "Hello" or "come to my shop". The vechicles are using their horns all the time so people and cars know where they are. They can sit up to 3 people on a scooter, and helmets; who needs that?

In the middle of all this, cows with big horns are walking wherever they want. Eating the trash beside the road.

The womens are wearing sairees in many beutiful colors, and if you're looking for something minimalistic in black or white at the market, you're at the wrong place.

If you're a vegetarian, India would be like food heaven. You will find a tons of vegetarian dishes on the menu, many vegetarian restaurants and if you travel to Pushkar; meat, alcohol and drugs are not allowed in the whole city. They are also using many different spices and make very much good food!

When I asked a local what he liked best about India, he said that he liked the culture of always keeping good relations to each other. Instead of having so many supermarkets, they are buying stuff from each other. If he was buying 2 liter milk each day, and one day wanted 4, the seller would ask why. Then they have a conversetion about whats happening in life. By buying from each other they also keep each other alive.Releations means everything!Most of the time the people in India are quite nice, but don't be too naiv! Many people are also trying to trick you all the time to get money from you.

This is what I have experienced and think is the essens of the big cities in India.

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