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Effects of charity

Today we went to two schools in Tordi, India. The first school was only with girls. They can't afford to buy so much stuff for school, so to help them we bought schoolbooks, pens, tablets and socks. They were so happy! Some of the girls said actually no thanks to the socks cause they don't needed them and you could give them to someone else. That was quite amazing to see.

The other school was much bigger and was with boys and girls together. We don't had enough books and pens to give to everybody, but our group leader had talked to the teachers and we gave it to primary class. Everybody was outside and saw us, and some were trying to get into the group to get a book. It was quite crazy actually. Some of them came over to you to ask for a present too.

After that visit I was thinking if it could be a better way to help them. Are we making them to look at us as a bank or something? Cause other places, people are coming to us and ask for money or because they want to be your husband to get a better life. So now I'm thinking that it's maybe better to give stuff to the school and let them give it to the children so they don't know it's from "the white rich people"?

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