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Age: 23 years old
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Sigiriya - Sri Lanka

Think about it. For 1500 years ago, someone builded houses on top of this rock. They even had a pool! How did they climb to the top with all this stuff?

Today they have stairs in steel up on the left side of the rock. It's easy and nice to walk up, and that's nice, but think how cool it would be to climb up like in old days!

The fee to get into the garden below and to the rock was 50 rupees for locals and 4200 rupees for foreigners. That's quite unfair and expensive, but I wanted to go anyway. It was worth it. The garden below the rock was beautiful and exciting, and full of ruins. It was also sweet monkeys everywhere and I could get very close them. On the top you had an amazing view and I was walking around and thinking about how it could be to live here. I would like to have a time machine so I could get back in time to see.

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