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Hiking in Ella, Sri Lanka

Warming up with Little Adam's peak before the real one with 5500 stairs.

On my way down I stepped by a green tea plantation and factory. It was so fun, because I met two girls from Switzerland in the factory, where one of them was really interested in tea too! We got a tour around the factory and after that we got a cup of tea.

The day after it was the time to see Nine Arch Bridge. From the train station I was walking on the railway to the right for around 30 minutes. I was right in time to see the train pass the bridge! As planned.

I also went to the biggest mountain in Ella, named Ella Rock. On my way I first met an another tourist that had gotten something in his foot and asked for a pinset. My pocketknife has everything!

Then I met a local guy that showed me a shortcut up. It took me a little under 2 hours to reach the top. The view was much better than expected!

In the picture below you can see Little Adam's peak from Ella Rock.

On my way down I stopped by a cafe to take a juice. I bumped into 2 English guys, 1 girl from Germany and 1 guy from Holland and then i spent the rest of the day with them. They were going to take the same train as me to Hatton the next day, and surprisely we also had seats next to each other! Amazing and so fun! Now I have company at Adam's peak too!

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15.01.2016 kl.14:32

Gleder meg med deg. Later til at du har en kjempeflott tur. Her er det 20minusgrader!


19.01.2016 kl.15:46

Bestemor: Kjekt hre fra deg! Fr oppleve mye her :-) Har sett bilder fra snen hjemme og da m jeg innrmme det er ekstra deilig vre i varmere strk ;)

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