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Bangkok - My first and last stop in Thailand

When I first came from India to Bangkok in the beginning of February I was thinking; what a nice and calm city! Yeah, I was brainwashed. I was coming from crazy India! Everything is quite chill after that.  

I stayed two days in Bangkok my first time. Bangkok is crowded with temples, so even on my way to the most famous ones, I walked by temples with incredible architecture! 

Here is the Grand Palace

The reclining Buddha in Wat Pho 

On my second day in Bangkok, I and 4 guys from England decided to visit the famous Sky Bar where they filmed parts of Hangover. The Sky Bar had amazing view and expensive drinks. After a while, we went to Khao San Road, the party street. 

On Khao San Road, they were selling scorpions to eat. We was brave enough to try. It was discusting to be honest. But I've tried it! 

My second time in Bangkok 2 months later I had 3 days before I was going home. It was mainly shopping on the agenda. Markets, The Platinum Mall and the floating market. I also had to get a real Thai massage!

The weird thing about the biggest shopping mall in Thailand, The Platinum Mall, is that it's not possible to try on the clothes. Come on, it's the biggest shopping mall, why can't I try on the clothes before buying? Disappointing. 

I went to the floating market my last day. To touristic, and not as on the postcards, but it's still nice to have been there. 

Many places in Asia, they had a weird fruit that I've never seen before. It's called durian. I had to taste.

Tunnels from the war in Ho Chi Minh

The clever ones wins in the end. 250 km of tunnels under the ground was made by the vietnamese under the Vietnamese war to protect themselves from America. The entry was so small that the Americans couldn't come in, and the smallest tunnels was only 30x40 cm. 

The bigger tunnels for the tourists was made up to 50x80 cm. We was able to try to walk 100 meters with the possibilities to exit if we didn't want to continue. I wanted to walk the hole way. 

The place that we were going to was named Cu Chi tunnels. That place is actually turned into a type of museum were they were showing us the traps they were making for the enemy, a movie about the war, and how everything was and looked like. It was so interesting! 

My family love to travel, and with a little bit luck and a little bit planning, I got to meet my cousin and her boyfriend one day in Ho Chi Minh. They were in the beginning of their journey and I was in the end. Even when we are traveling around the world, we can still meet up! :-D

Here we are at the street food market after visiting the tunnels. 


New clothes by a tailor in Hoi An

Very few people know it before they are talking to other travelers about Vietnam, but in one of the cities in the middle of the country, Hoi An, there is a lot of tailors ready to make you some new clothes for a cheap price. I was going crazy. I wanted to make so many things! After visiting many tailors, looked at fabrics and pictures, I decided to use the kind ladies from Red Apple as my tailor. 

Ended up buying 7 pieces; A grey suit included blazer, pants, skirt and a pair of shorts, a shirt, a black classic dress and a dark blue evening dress with long sleeve. Im really looking forward to use them! 

When I went to the market I also discovered that they were making shoes. I decided to make one pair of shoes in leather for work and one pair of sandals. Of course I got a nice price for that to! Im quite good at getting nice prices. 

To make a short summery of what I did in Hoi An: 
- Cycled  around in the city and to the beach on sightseeing.
- Relaxed and ordered food at the beach a last time before Im going home. 
- Ordered clothing and shoes and tried them on several times. 
- Danced to 3 AM with a guy from Mexico that I met on the dance floor in Hanoi (a city more north). 
- Walked around in this charming city in the evening and looked at all the lanterns over the streets. 
- Been on a cafe where only deaf people were working; called Reaching out. 

The Japanese bridge

3016? What? Lanterns like this is all around the city! Its beautiful!

Some last days at the beach before Im going home


I think Hoi An was my favorite city in Vietnam! Its charming and special with lanterns everywhere and its close to the beach. 

Halong bay in the fog

A heavy fog was laying over small mountains and islands, and everybody on the cruise was standing on the deck to take a look at this well known Halong Bay. Seems like the weather wanted to show us a mysterious side of Vietnam today. 

To get closer to the nature and the fishing villages, we took a kayak from the cruise and was paddling around two and two. Far away from everything, people where living in floating houses and boats working with fish and shells. 

I stayed 1 night at a cruise in Halong Bay. We didn't get to see the sun, but at least the fog was changing a little. When I was going out the next morning, I could still se a different Halong Bay. No sun, but still a nice place. 


Hiking in Sapa, Laos

"We are going where no one else is going" they said. In two days we would walk almost 30 km trought rice fields, bamboo forest, mountains and smal villages in Sapa, Laos. 

It was quite foggy the day before the hiking trip. The solution to see the sun was coming from one of the guys; "We just need to get high". So we hired some motorbikes and drove up the mountains to find the sun. 

The hiking trip started the day after. We were 24 people in my group, so we did'nt had the feeling of being alone in the nature to say it that way. But it was still nice to see the rice fields and the people who were living there.

A long time the first day some local women were walking with us. They could'nt be more than 145 cm high! Maksimum! They were so smal! And they probably felt like I was a giant with my 177 cm.

It was much fog the first day of hiking, but it was nice weather for hiking. Just a little bit bad for the view. As you can see isn't the rice fields as green or gold as on many advertising pictures. This was'nt the best season, but it was still nice place to see when I was here. The last day with hiking was better, and we finally get to see the sun!

Luang Prabang in Laos

First I was planning to stay around 5 days in Luang Prabang. That turned in to 8 days. The days were just running. I was doing workaway at a guesthouse and worked 2-3 hours daily by giving out flyers and got people to the guesthouse, and got free accomandation and food. It was 4 other workawayers there to, so it was a nice job! 

Except of working 2-3 hours a day I have walked around in the city and relaxed quite much actually. It's a charming town. 

Around 6 AM every morning the monks are collecting food from the locals. I thought I would be the only one that wanted to wake up that early to take a look at this cultural happening, but I was totally wrong. It was like it was a celebrity in town, and people were everywhere with their camera. I can't blame them, cause I was there with my camera to. I tried to be a little discreet and was just walking around. I still felt sorry for the monks that just were doing their daily ritual surrounded by paparazzi's. 

In the mornings they also have this food marked in town. When we are so strict about hygiene home in Norway; they just don't care. Meat, fish and vegetables are laying outside in the road for sale in many hours, frogs are alive together in a bowl to be as fresh as possible and flies are everywhere around the food. And everybody eats it. Me to. And I'm still alive. 

In the day I have done some different things. 

One day I walked up to a mountain with a temple on the top. Unlike Norway, you have to pay to go up to a mountain here; 20 000 Lao Kip (20 NOK). 

One day I also visited a cultural center for young people. Some people was playing on instruments and some people where also doing something that looked like a presentation, but I couldn't understand anything. Other days they said that they had painting classes, was playing music, dancing etc. 

I also went to the beach three times. Me and some of the other workawayers was even swimming in this amazing river called Mekong. 

The most beautiful part of Luang Prabang is definitely Kuang Si Waterfalls! 20 000 Lao Kip (20 NOK) in entrance fee here to of course. But this waterfall and river is one of the nicest I've seen. Our manager at the guesthouse also showed us a secret place where we could swim to a small cave under the waterfall!


An another day me and one of my friends took a scooter to see an another waterfall. We were almost alone and it was such a nice place. The only problem was that it was no water in the waterfall. Dry season. But it was still a nice trip, and I found this amazing tree.

We also went to picnic once. In the river. That was cool.

Vang Vieng in Laos

In Siem Reap, I decided to take the bus up to the capital in Laos, Vientiene. 9 hours they said. 2 days and 2 nights after, I was finaly there! 

I had to spend the first night at Don Det, 4000 Islands, so then I got the time the next morning to see a part of that place to. Of course they charged me 3 extra dollar for the boat to the island. They are always trying to get more money from you.


The next morning I was taking the bus to Pakse where I also had to wait for 4 hours. Got some new sandals so I could trow away my broken ones, got some food and then it was time to take a night bus to Vientiene. This was the last bus, and a sleeping bus. The beds was smal and hard, it was cold and I had to share the bed with a random girl, so I could'nt sleep much that night. But, the next morning I was finaly in Vientiene! Yey! Here I met 3 other travelers that also was going to Vang Vieng the next morning, so we ended up sharing two doublebeds in a guesthouse in Vang Vieng.

The first day, we went hiking up a mountain 3 km away. On the first viewpoint to the top we saw some airbaloons, and when we went forward to the other side to the main viewpoint, it was time to see the sunset.

On our way back, some Laos girls with bicycles was asking if we wanted ride. Of course we wanted ride! It was 3 km back! The girls was so nice, so we ended up eating dinner with them to. 


The blue lagoon was on the plan for what I wanted to do i Vang Vieng. We hired some bicycles and went. We parked right next to the blue lagoon, and jumped in to the water from a rope swing and the tree. Because of the parking place next to, it was'nt that amazing in the nature experience that I thought it would be, but it was still cool. 

It's so many caves in Vang Vieng. I visited to of them; Tham Phu Kam next to the blue lagoon and the Water Cave. I had to use a light in both of the caves, cause it was totally dark. 

Here is the first cave, Tham Phu Kam, with the blue lagoon. 

To get in to the Water Cave, we had to sit in tubes. The guide said that I could'nt take my camera with me, and I listened to him. The moment I came in to the cave, I regret it. This was such a cool place!
It would be so much more of an experience if we were alone in there, but this is the most famous cave, so what can you expect?
The cave was so much bigger than I thought, and we were inside for a long time. It was totally dark, so when everybody was turning off their lights, we could'nt see anything!

Kayaking and tubing down the river and relaxing on the floats is also popular things to do in Vang Vieng. I went kayaking one day and relaxing the other! It was so nice to just chill on the floats and write on an assignment for my web study. Perfect place to be :-)

"It's so hot!" he said. I wonder why! 


Tips if you are going to Vang Vieng: There is 2 bridges. You have to pay to get over the big one that you can drive a car over. But if you are walking or using a bicycle you can get to the other side of the river for free by using the smal bridge to the right not far away from the big one. Look at a map and ask some people there for the direction from where you are. 

One evening I discovered the local night market to. I saw no other tourists there. They speak very bad english, but I got fried rice for under 1 dollar and a wallet for 4 dollar, so that's nice! :-D

I really liked Vang Vieng! Laos is also much more relaxed than the other countries around. People are not asking if you want tuk tuk or want to buy something all the time, so you can walk much more in peace. That's very nice! 

Angkor Wat with a bicycle

See you later, we said in Sri Lanka. Now we met again in Cambodia. It was so nice to meet Clarisse again! We wanted to see Angkor Wat, and the cheapest way to see Angkor Wat is with a bicycle. We decided to try that. We paid 1 USD for renting a bicycle a hole day and 20 USD for 1 day entry to the temples.

The sunrise at the postcards was so beautiful, and of course we wanted to see that! 4:30 AM we began our trip. The sunrise was dissapointing, so I had to use my camera skills to get it a little bit better.

Angkor Wat was really nice! We spent around 2 hours there and got so many cool pictures early in the morning. We took so many pictures that the battery on our camera and phone was getting low.. Ops. 

After that we were cycling towards the other temples and ended up looking at the sunset from one of them. It was very nice to cycle around and on the end of the day, we had cycled 30 km and drinked 3 liters of water. We slept very well that night! 

Krabi - beach and caves

It was a bit sad to leave Koh Phangan and the adventures girl that I met there, but good things happend and I met an another sporty traveller in Krabi who I spent the days with. New place, new people and new adventures! 

We were ready to discover the place, especially the famous Railay beach and the caves. Railay beach was beautiful sorrounded by tropical nature, caves and long-tail boats. 

From one place on Railay to another, we saw a sign with "viewpoint" "dangerous" next to a rope up a steep path. Of course we had to go up there! After that my travelbuddy called me a monkey. 


After the climbing trip, with sweaty bodies, it was time to take a swim on the beach. No long time after, we were swimming to the cave. 

Of course we came back to this beautiful place! To go from Ao Nang where we slept to Railay, we had to take a long-tail boat. 100 thai bath each way. These boats a going all the time, and if you want to see the sunset from the boat, you can take the last boat back 5 pm. Beautiful! 

People were also climbing with ropes all around the place, and I really wanted to do the same! So I think I have to come back an another time to ;-) 

An another day we decided to walk the 1200 steps up to Tiger Cave Temple. We were taking a bus from Ao Nang in the morning, bought water and some snacks at the shop next to the entry, and walked up in 30 minutes. We went down after spending 1 hour on the top enjoying the view and the place. It was also a cave on the buttom where a tiger used to live. 


Had some amazing days in Krabi visiting nice place with a good travelbuddy! 
Next stop - Siem Reap in Cambodia. 

Adventurous on Koh Phangang

On the taxi from the boat to my hostel I got to know a very nice and adventurous girl from Turkey. I love it when people ask me to join on sporty activities, so when she wanted to do a hiking trip the next day, I was totally in! We got a map, a few tips where to go, rented a scooter and drived away with two other guys who wanted to join! 

The funniest part of this hike was when we came to a broken bridge, and she was saying; "we can just walk on the ropes!". Like I was saying it by myself! We walked many times over and back on that bridge, 10 meters over some stones and a smal river.

We was driving around the next day to, but this time we wanted to hike one hour throught the forrest to a beach called Bottle Beach. The hiking trip was beautiful and the beach even better! 

Both of the days ended up with dinner from the night market who had a lot of different types of food. We were eating so much cheap food! Go to that market if your travelling to Koh Phangang.

I liked Koh Phangang so much better than Koh Tao. Nicer nature, beaches and less touristic. Cheaper to ;)

Diver certification on Koh Tao

I would like to say that I now have the PADI Open Water Diver Certification! 

I was taking it on Koh Tao, an island in Thailand, at Ban's Diving Resort. The course was over 4 days. The first day was mainly dive theory, the second day in the pool and the two next days was with the final test and diving in the ocean down to 18 meters under water. In total 4 dives in the ocean.

It was quite cold these days and you could only see 2-5 meters ahead of you in the water, because of a small storm on the island, but it was still fun and I saw a lot of cool fishes! I'm really looking forward to dive on other places in the world to!  

One day I rented a scooter to explore the island, and the traffic is actually quite nice here compared to Sri Lanka and India! 

About 15 min with boat from Sairee Beach in Koh Tao you will find this beautiful, but touristic, island Koh Nang Yuan!




Cows in India

Be aware of the cows, they are everywhere!

Uncover India with G adventures

My first experience with India was visa problems. The second one was a canceled flight. Thanks to my travel agency Kilroy in Norway, I got a new flight to India 2 days later.

I was going to travel with a group from G adventures named Uncover India, Dehli to Goa in 15 days. Since I was 2 days late, they had already seen the Taj Mahal and I had to meet them in Jaipur. The first day, we went with Tuk Tuk to see the City Palace, Water Palace and Amber Fort. In Amber Fort we had a guide who was telling us about the fort and how they used it. The king had actually 12 wifes with a secret road to every one of them. So they never knew where he was.
Amber fort was beautiful with paintings and beautifications everywhere!

My G adventure group in front of Amber Fort

Amber Fort

Water Palace

Flying kites is very popular in India, and because of that, our CEO Abhi buyd some kites so we could try it. It was very fun, but harder than expected!

From Jaipur we took a jeep to a small village called Tordi. Here we got a traditional lunch from a local family before we took a jeep safari and ended up with drinking tea at the dunes in the sunset.

On our walk around the village our CEO had talked to this guy who was making amazing pots.I was also allowed to try to make my own pot! :-D

Before we was driving with the jeep to Pushkar the next day, we visited some schools in Tordi. You can read more about the visitshere.

Pushkar is a quite special city. I'm saying that because meat, alcohol and drugs are totally prohibited. EVERY restaurant is vegetarian! That's quite cool actually, if your not a meat lover of course. Except of eating good vegetarian good, we also went to the colorful market, camel safari with dinner in the dunes and a morning hike up to a temple where we saw the sunset. Outside the temple on the mountain we where also saying hallo to some monkeys.

And then over to my favorite city in India, Udaipur. I liked this city best because it was less trash everywhere, nice architecture and possible to go out hiking and do bicycling from the city. It was also warmer than the other cities more north.

I love the food in India, and because of that I also attended to a cooking course. Now I have the recipes, the masala spices and are ready to make an Indian dinner for them home! :-)

The last night in Udaipur we went to an Indian dance show. This woman was dancing while balancing all these pots on her head!

We had only one day in Mumbai, and after a orientation walk in the city, me and some of the others took the boat to the Elephanta Caves. Worth seeing if you are going to Mumbai!

The last 3 days in India was spent in Goa. After many cold evenings we could finally relax on the beach. In the nights, we celebrated birthdays! Two days on a road, first a friends birthday and then mine . With flowers, cake, dancing and good food and drinks! Thanks for an amazing birthday and trip!

If you want to read what I think is the essens of India, click here.

The essens of India

Try to see this in your mind. You're in the middle of a city. There is trash beside the road and thereis so many sounds that you just get a stoneface and ignore all of the people that are sterring and says "namaste", "Hello" or "come to my shop". The vechicles are using their horns all the time so people and cars know where they are. They can sit up to 3 people on a scooter, and helmets; who needs that?

In the middle of all this, cows with big horns are walking wherever they want. Eating the trash beside the road.

The womens are wearing sairees in many beutiful colors, and if you're looking for something minimalistic in black or white at the market, you're at the wrong place.

If you're a vegetarian, India would be like food heaven. You will find a tons of vegetarian dishes on the menu, many vegetarian restaurants and if you travel to Pushkar; meat, alcohol and drugs are not allowed in the whole city. They are also using many different spices and make very much good food!

When I asked a local what he liked best about India, he said that he liked the culture of always keeping good relations to each other. Instead of having so many supermarkets, they are buying stuff from each other. If he was buying 2 liter milk each day, and one day wanted 4, the seller would ask why. Then they have a conversetion about whats happening in life. By buying from each other they also keep each other alive.Releations means everything!Most of the time the people in India are quite nice, but don't be too naiv! Many people are also trying to trick you all the time to get money from you.

This is what I have experienced and think is the essens of the big cities in India.

Video from Sri Lanka

Here is my video from what I was doing in Sri Lanka in January 2016 :-)

Effects of charity

Today we went to two schools in Tordi, India. The first school was only with girls. They can't afford to buy so much stuff for school, so to help them we bought schoolbooks, pens, tablets and socks. They were so happy! Some of the girls said actually no thanks to the socks cause they don't needed them and you could give them to someone else. That was quite amazing to see.

The other school was much bigger and was with boys and girls together. We don't had enough books and pens to give to everybody, but our group leader had talked to the teachers and we gave it to primary class. Everybody was outside and saw us, and some were trying to get into the group to get a book. It was quite crazy actually. Some of them came over to you to ask for a present too.

After that visit I was thinking if it could be a better way to help them. Are we making them to look at us as a bank or something? Cause other places, people are coming to us and ask for money or because they want to be your husband to get a better life. So now I'm thinking that it's maybe better to give stuff to the school and let them give it to the children so they don't know it's from "the white rich people"?

Sigiriya - Sri Lanka

Think about it. For 1500 years ago, someone builded houses on top of this rock. They even had a pool! How did they climb to the top with all this stuff?

Today they have stairs in steel up on the left side of the rock. It's easy and nice to walk up, and that's nice, but think how cool it would be to climb up like in old days!

The fee to get into the garden below and to the rock was 50 rupees for locals and 4200 rupees for foreigners. That's quite unfair and expensive, but I wanted to go anyway. It was worth it. The garden below the rock was beautiful and exciting, and full of ruins. It was also sweet monkeys everywhere and I could get very close them. On the top you had an amazing view and I was walking around and thinking about how it could be to live here. I would like to have a time machine so I could get back in time to see.

Adam's peak - Sri Lanka

On our way to Dalhoise and Adam's peak, the hole crew was together.
Me, the english guys and the german girlaccidently run into the girls from Switzerland that I met on the tea factory in Ella, because of change of plans. We were a nice group that was going to walk all the 5500 stairs up to Adam's peak that night.
We started 2:45 at night from our hostel. At the entry we took a group-photo, and 1 hour and 50 minutes later me and James, one of the english guys, were at the top! The normal time is around 2,5 hours, so we were pretty happy about our time. When everyone was arrived the top a short time later, we were ready to se the sunrise. We just had to wait for an hour.
The sunrise was beautiful, and 8 o'clock we were all down at the hostel again to eat some breakfast.

How to get to Adam's peak from Ella:
Go to the train station in Ella and ask for a early ticket to Hatton. We took a train at 09:20 in the morning.
Jump on the bus outside of the train station to Dalhousie. Get some sleep at a hostel before the hiking trip up Adam's peak in the night.

Hiking in Ella, Sri Lanka

Warming up with Little Adam's peak before the real one with 5500 stairs.

On my way down I stepped by a green tea plantation and factory. It was so fun, because I met two girls from Switzerland in the factory, where one of them was really interested in tea too! We got a tour around the factory and after that we got a cup of tea.

The day after it was the time to see Nine Arch Bridge. From the train station I was walking on the railway to the right for around 30 minutes. I was right in time to see the train pass the bridge! As planned.

I also went to the biggest mountain in Ella, named Ella Rock. On my way I first met an another tourist that had gotten something in his foot and asked for a pinset. My pocketknife has everything!

Then I met a local guy that showed me a shortcut up. It took me a little under 2 hours to reach the top. The view was much better than expected!

In the picture below you can see Little Adam's peak from Ella Rock.

On my way down I stopped by a cafe to take a juice. I bumped into 2 English guys, 1 girl from Germany and 1 guy from Holland and then i spent the rest of the day with them. They were going to take the same train as me to Hatton the next day, and surprisely we also had seats next to each other! Amazing and so fun! Now I have company at Adam's peak too!

Surfing and snorkeling in Sri Lanka

Nr de lokale ikke forstr s godt engelsk tar jeg bare fram Google translate og viser dem hva jeg vil si p singalesisk. Funker utrolig bra!

Den frste uken i Sri Lanka har jeg tilbragt ved sjen i sr, nrmere sagt Gurubebila nr Weligama. Her har jeg som regel vknet i 6-7-tiden med en naturlig vekkerklokke som har begynt allerede i 5-tiden. S ikke kjp deg enn hane om du vil sove lenge om morgenen! Eller som i mitt tilfelle; overnatte i nrheten av en hane. Er likevel ganske deilig vkne tidlig, for da kan man jo ta en tur surfe fr frokost! De flinke folka i omrdet surfer i hovedsak rett utenfor der vi bor, men nybegynnere som meg drar heller inn til Weligama og surfer i de litt mindre blgene p stranden.

Jeg har ogs snorklet og sett mange fine fisker i verdens strste og fineste akvarium; havet. Har snorklet s mye at jeg har blitt solbrent p ryggen, selv med solfaktor 50 fr og etter. Det er en helt ny verden under vannet som jeg hper p f sett mer av senere p reisen.

P bildet under ser dere snorkle-teamet den frste dagen, med meg i midten. Kusinen min Rebekka som dere ser til hyre, har jeg vrt med i 4 dager fr hun skulle hjem til Norge. yen i bakgrunnen kalles Devil`s Island. Vi ble vinket med av en lokal fyr som viste oss over til yen. Senere fikk vi vite at det skulle vre en tunell under yen som vi kunne svmme igjennom, noe vi dessverre ikke fikk gjort pga for store blger de neste dagene.
In English:
When the locals don't understand so much english, I'm just using Google translate on my phone. It works so good!
I have now spent my first week in Weligama,Sri Lanka. Every day, I wake up between 6 and 7 o'clock. Mostly because of the rooster. So I have learned that if you want to sleep long in the mornings, never buy a rooster! But, when I'm already awake so early, it's possible to surf before breakfast!

I have also snorkeled and seen a lots of beautiful fishes in the biggest aquarium om the world; the sea. I've done it for so long time at the first two days that I got sunburned on my back, even with sunscreen 50.It's a whole new world that I want to see more of.

On this first picture you will see me in the middle and the "Devil's Island" in the background. A local guy saw that we wanted to go to the island and was showing us the way to swim and see it. Later we also found out that it's a tunnel under the island, but we couldn't go there because of the waves these days.

This is how they're fishing in Sri Lanka ;)

I dont have any pictures of myself surfing, but I do have some of others!

And here, the last day I went surfing, I've asked the rental-guy to take a picture of me with my phone. Then I have at least one picture with the surf-board! :-)

One day, I also went to Galle, a city 20 km from where I'm sleeping. In the old city it was so many amazing trees! I wish I had this tree in my garden. It had been so fun!

Skiing in Geilo in Norway

This is one of the reasons you should visit Norway in the winter.
Here is a video made by me and a friend for a half year ago. Filmed at Geilo in March.

Galdhpiggen - 2469 moh

Midt p natten den 28.juli satt jeg meg i bilen med mamma for kjre 5 timer til Juvasshytta hvor turen til Norges hyeste fjell, Galdhpiggen skulle g. Det var meldt fint vr og vi var klar! Samme morning tok vi beina fatt sammen med en gruppe med turglade mennesker.

Turen var delt inn i 3 deler; den frste ganske rett bortover over en del stein, den andre over en isbre og den tredje delen var siste del opp til toppen. Det var en nydelig tur som jeg vil anbefale alle! Fra Juvasshytta til Galdhpiggen og ned igjen tok turen totalt 6-7 timer. Det var ikke s hardt som jeg tenkte, og tilogmed sm barn ned i 7 r var med p turen, s det er ikke noe frykte ;)

Night to the28 of July me and my momdrove 5 hours to Juvasshyttathat is next toNorway's highest mountain, Galdhpiggen. The weather was nice and we were ready for a long hike!

The tour was divided into 3 parts; the first part was quite easy, the second part wasover a glacier and the third part was the last part we walked on snow to the top. It was a lovely trip that I would recommend everyone! From Juvasshytta to Galdhpiggen and down again tookin total of 6-7 hours. It was not as hard as I thought, and even 7 year olds childrenwere with us, so you have nothing to fear if you want to take the same trip ;)

Snscooter og isbading p shoot

Det er 45 min til solen gr ned da vi ankommen stedet. Rekvisitter og utstyr settes opp s raskt vi kan ved hjelp fra 8 mann. Vil vil ha solnedgangen p bildene.

Som fotolrling hos Ricardofoto er jeg med p bde det kjedelig og det spennende. Dagliglivet rett og slett. I gr gikk veien opp i fjellene og ut p isen ved Mesna islandshestesenter i Ringsaker, Hedmark. Det var vr andre dag med fotografering for Ringsaker kommune, og denne gangen var det isbading og kos rundt blet i solnedgangen som stod p planen. Ringsaker vil nemlig satse mer p turisme og innflytning ved vise hva kommunen har by p, og da er Ricardofoto klar for ta bilder!

Snscooteren kjrte oss frem og tilbake fra settet og location var p isen ved en elv. Nydelig sted, men lett trkke gjennom isen. Sjefen og en kollega veddet p at jeg kom til bli vt da jeg er den strste klnen p jobb. Det knaket litt i isen da jeg l p bakken for ta noen bilder, men gjett hvem som kom trr hjem igjen! Sjefen derimot ble vt.

P bildet under holder vi p rigge opp med bde fakler, bl, skinn av rein og sau og en eneste lampe som ekstra lys. Dette skal virkelig bli kos!

Da vi var ferdig for kvelden var det tid for gruppebilde! 4 fra Ricardofoto, markedssjefen Bjrg, to modeller + en snscooterkjrer og hjelper som tar bildet. Fin opplevelse f vre med p.

Jeg m ogs dele en video fra forje fotografering for Ringsaker kommune. Da var det action i akebakken og Richard fotograferer mens jeg filmer. Her var det virkelig nre p!
Dere fr gi meg en lyd om dere nsker hre mer om hva spennende ting vi gjr bde i studio og ute p location! :)

Pakket inn i skinn og ull!

Det er fortsatt litt kjlig i luften, men har likevel vget meg ut uten vre innpakket i skiklr. Hjelper med ull, skinn og varme klr!

Alpakkaluen min har vrt ynglingsluen min siden jeg kjpte den i Peru i 2009 og jeg blir aldri lei den. Den har nrmest blitt et av kjennetegnene mine. S lenge det ikke blser holder den skallen god og varm.

For en gang skyld jeg jeg ogs funnet noen vintersko fra Biacno som bde var varme, stilige og vanntette for slaps. Skinn + ull. Slikt m til for overleve en norsk vinter!


Fotoserie: Min bestefar i arbeid

P bildene under ser verdens snilleste mann. Jeg har aldri sett han sint og jeg kan aldri tenke meg at han har gjort noe vrre enn snike seg til kjpe godteri til oss barnebarna uten at bestemor fikk vite det.

Dette er min bestefar. Snart 80 r. Frisk i kroppen og frisk i huet. Fordi han vil og kan jobber han litt ute hver dag. For frisk luft og bevegelse. Takknemlig som han er takker han Gud hver dag for at han fortsatt er s frisk som han er. Kan hre det oftere ogs. Det er mye mer si, men det kan jeg spare til senere.

N skal jeg vise dere noen bilder fra da jeg en dag tok jeg med meg kamera ut fulgte bestefar p dagens arbeid.

Snfull kveld i Brumunddal

Jeg str p fortauet og ser opp mot alle snfnuggene som daler ned mot meg. Det fles som om jeg nesten letter fra bakken.

Det er rundt 10 minusgrader her i Brumunddal n og snen har begynt komme. Kamera har blitt med p en kveldstur og jeg blir enda en gang minnet p hvor befriende og deilig det er g rundt der med kamera mens jeg ser hvor mye fint det egentlig er rundt meg. Fr ikke fanget hele opplevelsen p kamera, men noen slaks minner fr jeg hvertfall.

Retusj av virkeligheten

Da jeg s bildet under p facebook tenkte jeg med en gang p hvor mye vi faktisk jukser med utseende vrt. Og jeg liker det. Jeg liker sminke, klr og foto. Det jeg n vil diskutere og forklare er hvorfor alle er s for sminke, men s imot retusjering av mennesker.

Jeg synes det gr greit retusjere bilder av mennesker om de synes det er ok, og n skal du f vite hvorfor.

Vi "jukser" s mye med utseende fra fr av at det faktisk har blitt sannheten. Eller hva er egentlig sannheten? Med etter uten sminke? Med klr som fr deg til se tykk eller tynn ut? Fra hva vinkel, med hva objektiv og med hva lyssetting? Om morningen da du bde er lengre og tynnere eller rett etter et stort mltid? Nr du er veltrent eller ute av trening? Jeg kan f magen min til se bde gravid og veltrent ut. N kan du bare lure p hva som egentlig er sannheten. Sannheten er at vi i stor grad kan forme oss slik vi vil.

Derfor synes jeg det er greit at det gr an gjre det samme i photoshop som det vi kunne gjort med en person fr bildene.

Alle ser forskjellig, s etter min mening er bde alt og ingenting sannheten. Sprs yet som ser.

DIY: Julekrans p 1-2-3

Lyst pynte i huset eller p dren med en hjemmelaget grankrans? Det trenger ikke vre s vanskelig.

1. G ut kutt av noen kvister fra en gran.

2. Legg to kvister sammen og knyt en knute med en trd eller stltrd. Deretter ruller du trden bortover rundt greinene for holde dem sammen samtidig som du fyller p med kvister helt til du har en stor nok krans. Avslutt med sette endene sammen og rull trden rundt.

3. Pynt med det du mtte nske av slyfer, kongler, sn og glitterspray og lignende.

#diy #jul #hobby

CD-kunst p veggen

Forje gang var det kasettene som fikk en gjennomgang da de havnet p en kjole jeg sydde (se her). N var det ubrukelige cd-er som stod for tur. De skulle resirkuleres til kunst!

Jeg klippet og knakk cd-ene fra hverandre og hengte de p veggen med dobbelsidig teip. Jeg ble helt fanget av de bitene med skinnende farger som reflekteres av lyset. Jeg elsker ting som skinner. Lampen mtte ogs f litt pynt! Et hjerte selvflgelig.

Fra ubrukelige cd-er til kunst. Resirkulasjon og kreativitet <3

#DIY #interir #musikk

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